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The Best Unwritten Online Share Trading Advice

It is Midday. Your watch stopped. It’s a time piece that completes your look aka you cannot take it off. This beautiful but seemingly useless piece is still scheduled to display the right time, twice a day.

As an investor, when you receive a stock tip how do you know if or even when the advice will manifest into reality? Like your timepiece, when will the tip be true?

All of the online share trading advice listed below will help you be a better trader to understand when or even if the advice you receive will be true. When you meticulously inculcate these tricks to form unconscious habits, you will have achieved the moniker of a seasoned trader with higher rates of successful trades. 

1. The Golden Rule

Keep in mind this one golden investment rule: ‘Never invest money that you can’t afford to lose’. If your portfolio is stressing you out, it is your subconscious telling you that you need to balance your investments in high, medium, and low-risk investments.

2. Failing to prepare equates to preparing to fail

Back testing is a concept that share trading platforms have put in place on their share trading apps for traders to test the market with virtual money using real-world historical data. This exercise permits traders dabbling in online share trading to test the real market with zero risk helping to formulate a tailored trading plan.

3. Take time to understand what you can dedicate to trading

If you can dedicate several slots of your routine to the act of online share trading on your preferred online share trading app like VPFX, you may be suited to the practice of day-trading where investors buy or sell instruments with the end goal of making a profit at the end of the trading period of the day. The behaviour of the instruments that investors trade with as day traders differ from the ones opted for by long term investors. Day traded instruments usually take advantage of minor price changes but usually involve larger volumes and capital investment.

4. Never stop your study

Irrespective of how long you have been an investor, you will never fully understand the market. The ongoing study of economic changes and how they may positively or adversely affect price, is a skill that only continuous education can give. As you delve deeper, study even the share trading tips that you receive to understand why they are true or to understand why they are untrue.

5. Best-Practices matter

Since the advent of publicly traded stocks in Amsterdam in 1611, the plethora of investors indulging in the practice have made a bevy of mistakes and have learned from them. These teachable moments have led to best-practices while dealing with any stock market. A valuable example is a stop-loss that is a set order to sell a security when it hits a predetermined percentage of the original price.

6. Trade with resolute commitment

Business owners know that their activities earn profits and the better they perform, the larger their rewards will be. Approaching your share trading platform activities in this manner will help you understand that you will not be receiving a fixed paycheck at the end of every month. Commit to trading and learning about it in all earnest and expect to incur losses, taxes, anxiety, and the likelihood of certain risk.


If you take the time to consider how these bits of information intertwine, you will understand the very fabric of online share trading like a professional. Discipline yourself to gradually increase your tolerance for inevitable fluctuations.

Using share trading apps to trade is a gamble and the house always wins so follow these rules to understand when you need to cut your losses to stay ahead of the game.

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