Forex, Metals, Energies, Indices

Forex, Metals,
Energies, Indices.

Trade & Invest in Stocks, Currencies, Indices, and Commodities (CFDs) at competitive spreads. Dive into Stock Trading with VPFX. Trade with real-time execution. Invest in wide-range of Global stocks.





Buy, sell, manage and store Bitcoin as well as many other cryptocurrencies in a simpler way.



Managed Accounts give clients the option to have a portfolio manager trade all of their accounts (known as “”sub-accounts””) as if they were one “”Master Account””.


There are ever-increasing types of securities and assets one can invest in, right from traditional securities like shares, metals, mutual funds, and futures to the latest innovative assets like cryptocurrencies. All these securities come with their specific nature, pros, and cons – and it is often a combination of various securities that makes the ideal investment. The increased penetration of the internet and smartphones has made it easy to invest in these instruments through mobile apps or online trading. VPFX is the best stock trading platform for trading in all such securities.

Why is VPFX Your Ideal Choice?

  VPFX advantages come in several forms; some of the most important of these are the following:  
  • Your single-stop solution for managing all kinds of stocks

The most crucial aspect of VPFX advantage is that you don’t need to have separate platforms for different kinds of instruments. Whatever the form of your investment may be – shares, cryptocurrency, NAM, Futures, metals, etc. – you can manage them all in a VPFX. This can thus help crucial time as well as increase your efficiency. With our catalog of over 500 products, you will be ripe for choices with us.
  • Minimal costs

A key aspect of VPFX’s advantage is that there are no deposit fees and commissions are also minimum. Thus, you can trade your stocks freely without worrying about hidden charges.
  • Fastest

We have reduced trade execution time in a low latency environment to a minimum.
  • Dependability

VPFX is registered and regulated by many foremost regulatory authorities worldwide. Thus, it is not only the best trading platform but also one of the most trustworthy solutions you will find in the market.
  • Secure

Along with dependability, the security of funds is a significant safety consideration. VPFX ensures the security of our client’s funds by maintaining separate accounts from them in high-profile. Thus, your funds are segregated from other funds managed by the company.
  • Readily available data and analytics

One of the most important reasons for going for VPFX is that we provide financial and other data that can help investors make an informed choice using our analytics.
  • Easier to move your savings between instruments

Suppose you wish to cut back your investment in stocks to go for a cryptocurrency or vice-versa; it is just easy to do so with VPFX as you can do both these things on one platform.
  • Easy funding and withdrawals

We know no investor will feel safe with a platform that doesn’t allow easy and secure funding and withdrawal options. Thus, you will find several secure options for both.
  • The best way of investing in foreign exchange

We are the best forex broker you will find in the market. You can easily manage your forex funds with us – this is, of course, in addition to our other investment benefits. With fluctuating global currencies, this has become a lucrative form of investment. All kinds of investments carry financial risk, and thus one should exercise prudence while making these decisions. As long as you exercise this prudence, VPFX is the perfect place to manage your investments.


Low Spreads

Low Spreads

Tight spreads on major instruments. Our spreads start from as low as 0.0 pips on EUR/USD.

500+ Products

500+ Products

Trade in extensive range of products like Forex, Metal, Energies, Indices, Shares and Cryptos all from one single account.

Multi - Regulated Broker

Multi - Regulated Broker

VPFX is regulated by and registered with multiple regulatory authorities around the world.

Segregated Funds

Segregated Funds

All client funds are held in separate accounts with top-tier rated banks.

Powerful Trading Tools

Powerful Trading Tools

VPFX offer traders a powerful and advanced trading platform technologies VPFX MT4 & MT5 available on Desktop and Mobile.

Ultra-Fast Execution

Ultra-Fast Execution

VPFX offers ultra-fast trade execution in low latency environment to execute your trades.

Zero Deposit Fees

Zero Deposit Fees

Fund your VPFX live trading account with No Transaction Fees & Minimum commission.

Customer Service

Customer Service

VPFX customer friendly support team is available 24/5 to help you with all your trading needs



Explore an ever-expanding variety of cryptocurrencies, and buy and sell the underlying asset on VPFX’s Cryptocurrency Trading Platform. Build your crypto-based portfolio and enjoy benefits not offered by most exchanges, such as near-immediate execution of market orders.



Benefits of Using MAM / PAMM

Benefits of Using MAM / PAMM
  1. Use one master account to open and close orders for multiple client accounts at the same time. Place orders for as many clients as you want
  2. Set different management fees (% of profits) for each client
  3. Management fees are added to a separate account in real time
  4. Clients can determine their own stop loss in $USD
  5. No restrictions on the number of clients or deposit amounts.
  6. Clients can monitor progress in real time.
  7. All normal orders types accepted (i.e.: stop loss, pending orders, trailing stop and take profit).


VPFX’s achievements have been recognized by the global forex industry and
have won the highest accolades for our products, platform and service.

Zero Deposit Fee &
Zero Brokerage

Choose the Trading Account that best suits your trading needs.


$100 /Equivalent


$10000 /Equivalent


$25000 /Equivalent

Powerful Platforms for Sophisticated Traders
A selection of trading platform to boost your trading experience

VPFX MetaTrader 4

VPFX MT4 is a popular platform is designed to perform in an advanced trading environment.

VPFX MetaTrader 5

VPFX MT5 is a Powerful Trading System you can take maximum advantage of any market situation.

Available for all platform

Make Extra Profit from Commission
Become a VPFX Professional Money Manager

Get more followers and earn Extra Profits.

Commission is instant and automatically accumulated in Manager Account.

Refer new clients to VPFX and get bonuses


Trade Global markets including Forex, Metals, Cryptocurrencies, Shares, Indices and CFD’s from VPFX MT4 or MT5 platforms

Trade from your Desktop or Mobile on-the-go with the most powerful & convenient trading platform, designed for all kinds of traders.

Trade Anytime, Anywhere


As an investor, I strongly recommend that you follow the App. Both beginners and experts will find it useful and easy to access. With the app, you can trade with a click.

Ritesh Jain

It's an easy-to-use platform with simple directions and easy accessibility. My experience also extends to another app. So, I can tell you. The best app for crypto trading is this one - VPFX!

Harsh Shrimal

I am a newbie in the world of currency exchange. In addition, keeping track of prices and news was very difficult. I just joined VPFX and I must say, it has made my job much easier. I can track my forex and invest easily.

Mahesh Daga

Doing paperwork has always been a task for me. VPFX has made working with forex and cryptocurrency really easy. Everything at a tip and self-managed.

Sarita Kewlani


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