Copy Trading

A popular feature of VPFX is Copy Trading, which allows you to monitor real-time activities of other traders and copy them. You don't need to spend hours developing your own trading strategy. You can select from the top Masters of Forex and diversify your trading portfolio.

Whether you're a beginner learning the basics or don't have time to watch the markets, you can now benefit from other traders' experience. Using the VPFX copy trading feature, you can automatically copy top-performing traders and instantly replicate their trading.

Create an account and
make a deposit

Sign up in one easy step and make a deposit to your Wallet via any payment method you like.

Follow the
best traders

Select the Masters you want to follow and click 'Copy'. Their positions will be copied automatically.

and profit!

Having unlimited Masters to copy will help you establish a balanced, diversified portfolio of trades and ensure a steady income. Control portfolio, modify and stop trading at any given time.

All Benefits Of Copy Trading
In The Mobile App!

  1. Access VPFX Copy trading anytime, anywhere
  2. Educates first-time traders about the financial markets
  3. You can control your portfolio, modify it, and stop trading at any time.
  4. Track the performance of Master Traders in real-time to make informed investment decisions
  5. View how your funds are invested and manage risks in real-time